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Uses of Scotch Bonnet Pepper

  • In making sauces, soups, porridge s, omelettes and so many meals.
  • Used in heating up and flavouring dishes
  • Used in seasoning fish, poultry and meat before cooking, BBQ or baking
  • Used in making chilli jam
  • Used in making chilli jelly
  • Scotch bonnet pepper is used as a natural insecticide.

Nutrients in Scotch Bonnet

  • Scotch Bonnet is high in vitamins A, C and K.
  • Contains an antioxidant called Capsaicin.
  • Contains Copper and Iron.

Health Benefits in Scotch Bonnet

  • Boosts body immunity with the vitamin C content.
  • Fights cancer, reduces inflammation and sinusitis with the aid of its antioxidant called capsaicin
  • Vitamin A content helps maintain healthy eyes
  • Sweating while eating Scotch Bonnet shows It increases the body metabolism.
  • When eating Scotch Bonnet the nose starts running, that mucus is bringing virus and bacteria out of the body.
  • The Iron and Copper content in Scorch Bonnet makes it great in blood cell formation


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